Have a great time with Rotax Life

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BRP-Rotax has established a new program for the Hobby- and Club-Kart drivers who want to challenge themselves with other racers in a relaxed environment and experience the Rotax Life. These multi-brand events offer you an affordable racing experience, organized like a professional race at Rotax standards.

Check out the availability of Rotax Life events in your area and contact your local distributor for more information.

COME TOGETHER AND SPEED UP. Rotax Life gives you the opportunity to enjoy a casual time at a racetrack and spend this time with friends, mates and other passionate kart drivers. Rotax Life events are multi-brand events that are easy to attend, make it possible to race in a regulated environment and to discover new playgrounds.

SUPPORT AND ENJOY. You don’t need to be a professional race driver to enjoy the full racing atmosphere. Just grab your kart and stuff and meet the pack at one of the Rotax Life events near you. Sit together, make new friends and chat about your experiences, compare your technical settings and learn from each other’s knowledge.

CONNECT AND GROW. The best way to increase your skills is to challenge yourself with other drivers on the racetrack and to share your experiences. Support newbies in their first steps of kart racing, benefit from the knowledge of more experienced drivers or team up to discover different set-ups for the kart or new approaches for your driving style.

We interviewed Martin Gregor, CEO of Steel Ring circuit, about his experience organizing the first Rotax Life event in 2021:

You were the first partner presenting the Rotax Life program and organizing the first Rotax Life event in 2021. How was your experience in the cooperation with BRP-Rotax?

Steel Ring is a CIK-FIA homologated karting circuit in the Czech Republic, offering motorsport for everyone. To achieve our goal to make motorsport and karting accessible to the wider public, we started to organize one-day, open engine races. These races had a lot of positive feedback and the number of drivers was raising. In cooperation with BRP-Rotax we organized the first Rotax Life event in the beginning of the 2021 season which was a fully success. And this also was possible through the creative and professional support by BRP-Rotax.

How many drivers did participate in the first Rotax Life event in 2021, from where did they come from and which age? How was the atmosphere at the event, what makes it different and special compared to other events?

Over 70 drivers participated from Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and many drivers from Poland. Across all categories we had drivers ranging from just 7 years to over 60 years old. That´s what it is about! To make the motorsport even more available for everyone, we had introduced the rental category. The drivers got to experience emotions that go on in 2-stroke karting. The atmosphere was very joyful and friendly. Proper timetable, elimination of the qualifying practice, easy rules and a meaningful driver’s briefing all greatly contributed to the pleasant atmosphere.

You have already organized many events in the past in the style of the Rotax Life concept and worked out together with BRP-Rotax the whole concept. What did your existing drivers say to the Rotax Life concept?

Rotax branding brought more uniqueness to the event and attracted the professionals to the club or hobby drivers. The Rotax Life allows hobby drivers to learn from the professionals, but the professionals had to learn tolerance with the beginners and made the drivers a one big karting family. The participants definitely like this new and different concept. It is used by the professionals as practice of overtaking but it allows the beginners to learn from some of the best drivers.

How many events do you plan per year for the future, and do you think that this concept will work also in other countries or all over the world?

This year so far we have done the Rotax Life Spring Trophy and we are planning another two races. We are sure this will be the correct way to attract karting to people that don’t have a lot of time nor the budget to do so many races and it allows us to spread karting even more everywhere in the world.

Are you going to expand your offer for the Rotax Life events to a wider range of drivers? (Are there different categories – which ones?)

Currently we are working hard to attract more people into the sport. We have these standard categories (Micro,Mini,Junior,Senior,DD2/Shifter) and as an addition we have Rental and Historic karts.

We are very thankful for collaboration with BRP-Rotax. We see a lot of transitions from other engines to Rotax. We believe that this is the right way to go about karting and hope to continue this collaboration forever ????.

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