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Do you love racing your buddies and are looking for new experiences competing with other racers? Arrive & Drive racing is the next step if you’re looking to up your game and move up to a more competitive level. The Rotax arrive-and-drive concept lets enthusiasts move from conventional rental carts to performance rental karts with genuine racing engines. 

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Arrive & Drive with Rotax

Pure high adrenaline racing at a budget

With Arrive & Drive, you hit the track with high-performance rental karts that blow your mind while going easy on your budget. You get the genuine excitement of competing in a kart with a racing engine and none of the work and expenses kart owners handle, from transportation to storage to engine rebuilds. Book a test session at the track ahead of the Arrive & Drive race or championship you want to join. Test sessions are mandatory for drivers looking to move up from indoor or outdoor 4-stroke rental karting. Arrive & Drive organizers are required to evaluate your driving skills. The session gives you a pressure-free environment for learning how to handle a performance rental kart, and it’s an excellent opportunity to get pointers.

Looking for Arrive & Drive races?

Contact your local Rotax distributor or a race track near you to find out if they offer Rotax Performance Rental karts.


Organizers worldwide partner with Rotax to give their karting communities a range of thrilling opportunities to experience pure racing, challenging themselves and others on the track. Arrive & Drive creates a level playing field for participating drivers and a way to work out racing budgets at the start of the season. And it allows you to concentrate on what’s most important – racing.

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    Club100, UK

    Providing racing experiences at more than ten of the best circuits in the UK, Club100 offers Europe’s fastest 2-stroke "arrive and drive" kart racing. Club100 hosts events throughout the year and at all of its venues. If you are looking for an even more significant challenge, prove your skills over multiple rounds in a Club100 Championship.

  • Endurance Championship Daytona Milton Keynes, UK

    Looking for a race where you can race with friends in teams of up to 6 drivers? In Daytona, you and your friends compete with other teams for a position on the podium. You can join 3 or 6-hour one-off races. Or you can compete in the five-round championship series, where four race classes compete on-track, all at the same time.

We are able to open up Club100 to a broader audience […] And it’s so much safer as well. From an operator’s point of view, the Rotax package is very user-friendly.
John Vigor

Managing Director, Club100 UK

Club100 Kart
Rotax Kart Engines

Racing kart vs. performance rentals: What's the difference?

Racing karts are built for speed and performance – for going the total racing distance. Drivers who purchase their racing kart configure it to meet their needs. Once set, racing kart configurations generally stay unchanged. Performance rentals, on the other hand, are constantly reconfigured, from seat position to pedal position. And because performance rental karts serve a broader range of driving skills and different levels of experience, performance rentals must be far more robust and safety aware. They’re equipped with special bumpers and tires. Rotax performance rentals and racing karts often rely on the racing engine at the heart of the Rotax MAX Challenge racing series, the Junior MAX. With Rotax performance rentals, Arrive & Drive participants enjoy an acceleration and maximum speed similar to racing karts.

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