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Rotax MAX Challenge events and races are built on the idea of perfect parity. Every aspect of the RMC racing series, from organization to regulations, is designed to create a kart racing experience that puts racing talent and their skills first. RMC organizers put effort and care into ensuring fairness, whether it’s the out-of-the-box engine status or equal pre-race track time.

The difference is you

  • Single-brand races

    All events under the Rotax MAX Challenge banner are owned and organized by BRP-Rotax and its distributors. For performance parity, only checked and sealed Rotax 125 MAX engines may compete.

  • Equal training time

    Global RMC regulations ensure each participating racer can take the same track time for pre-race training.

  • Consistent regulations

    All RMC races and events follow RMC technical and sporting regulations. RMC regulations comply with the requirements set out by the FIA/CIK.

  • Ensured parity

    For performance parity, a Rotax authorized distributor or service center, checks and seals the kart chassis before noting its out-of-the-box status in the engine pass. Spot checks at races ensure compliance.

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The Rotax MAX Challenge

25 years of showcasing your skills

In the mid-1990s, a small team of kart enthusiasts at BRP-Rotax started exploring the potential of engine technology for controlling the cost of race kart ownership. Their vision was a reasonably priced, easy-to-handle engine that gives karters more time on the track and less time in the pits. In 1997, the Rotax 125 MAX kart engine set new industry standards in reliability, user-friendly handling, and low emission levels. Two years later, BRP-Rotax launched a racing series dedicated to their 125-ccm engine. What started out as a fun circuit for fans has emerged as one of the most prestigious race series in the world of professional karting.

Frequently asked questions about the RMC

  • National and international RMC races and events don’t differ in terms of regulations. They do create opportunities to compete against pro racers of very different skill and experience levels – and reach for a seat at the RMC Grand Finals.

    National RMC events are an excellent way for karters to grow their competition experience, not least because RMC categories start as early as age 8. This is where solid and ambitious racers of local karting communities hit the track to challenge themselves and others under official race conditions. If you regularly leave your friends in the dust or stand out at Rotax Life, try a national RMC event. It’s a great way to take the next step in your racing journey.

    Pro racers with international licenses congregate at international RMC events and races, joining high-profile line-ups. The best and fastest kart racers from across the globe match skills in the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of RMC events with particularly attractive visibility for sponsors. In these high-stakes races, competitors are often willing to go all in to crush their competition.

    National RMC events with international participation, like the RMC EuroTrophy or the CEE, are a happy mix of both worlds. These RMC events with good sponsor visibility are ideal for kart racers who want to step into the international limelight.

  • The Rotax MAX Challenge race series recognizes eight categories for racers between the ages of 8 and 99:

    125 Micro MAX

    125 Mini MAX

    125 Junior MAX

    125 Senior MAX

    125 MAX DD2

    125 MAX DD2 Masters

    E20 Junior

    E20 Senior

    Do you want to know more about categories? Who can participate? What license do you need for the various RMC events? We have the answers: Check out our RMC sporting regulations.

  • To compete in the Grand Finals, you need to qualify for the race. You qualify by winning an RMCGF ticket, or seat, at one of the season’s Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) races – while meeting the requirements in our RMC regulations, of course.

  • You have three options. To qualify for an RMC Grand Finals ticket, you can:

    • Win an RMC Championship
      RMC Championships require winners to emerge victorious from several rounds before taking an RMC Grand Finals ticket as their prize.
    • Win at an RMC special event.
      Rotax distributors and RMC organizers offer various special-event formats under the RMC umbrella, from race series to single events on the weekend.
    • Win at an E20 event.
      E20 events are e-racing competitions where you, very simply, just arrive and drive. Rotax E20 karts are made available to all participating racers. When organized as part of the Rotax Max Challenge race series, some – not all – E20 events will reward their best-of-the-best with a ticket to the Grand Finals. If you’re after a ticket, check the announcement before you go.

    Find your race

  • We award 396 tickets for the RMC Grand Finals each year. 360 tickets go to the RMC races for combustions engine karts. Another 36 tickets are awarded to winners of E20 events in the RMC race series.

    Curious? Read on.

  • The Rotax Global App provides essential real-time information, live data, and media to entrants, organizers, and audiences of Rotax kart racing events worldwide.

    The app helps RMC racers stay organized, confirm receipts and check-ins, and keep up with their schedule.

Interested in a specific RMC race?

Regulations for individual Rotax MAX Challenge races and events at the national and international level can deviate slightly from global RMC regulations. Check out our map! Look up the track and the regional Rotax distributor, and reach out to them. Our distributors are involved in organizing all RMC races in their region. They will be happy to provide you with the details you need.

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