Rotax MAX Challenge

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Every year, the world’s most talented pro racers across the globe compete in a race series focused on perfect parity – the Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC). The RMC creates opportunities for kart racers of all ages as they race their way to a ticket to the season’s highlight, the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals.

Why join the Rotax MAX Challenge?

  • More track time

    At the core of all RMC race events stand the unique benefits of Rotax 125-ccm engines that inspired us to create the RMC – low cost of ownership, easy maintenance, and excellent reliability.

  • Showcase your skills

    As a single-brand race series RMC is designed to ensure the parity of karts and race procedure in a way that puts the driver and their skill front and center.

  • Racing for all ages

    Each season, over 7,500 active Rotax MAX drivers from 8 to 60+ years of age compete at the national and international level .

  • Consistent regulations

    The Rotax MAX Challenge race series comes with its own set of CIK-FIA-compliant regulations. Despite minor deviation to accommodate local needs, RMC regulations apply to all RMC events.

Our RMC racing series

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    National and international RMC championships and events

    RMC races and events offer a rich variety of race experiences and challenge levels for seasoned pro racers and talent – and chances to qualify for the RMC Grand Finals. The RMC covers the full range, from single events to championships, at the national and the international level. Why not ask your distributor about RMC races you can join near you?

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    Experience the future at E20 events

    Rotax E20 events introduce kart racers worldwide to the pleasures and benefits of e-racing. Participants race each other to the finish line in two ages categories – 8 to 14 and from 15 and up. At E20 events, you get Rotax’ lush Arrive & Drive treatment – bring your helmet, grab a kart, hit the track.

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    Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals

    The RMC Grand Finals are the highlight of the Rotax MAX Challenge season. Pro-racers who awed the crowds worldwide with their skills meet for one week to crown the RMC Grand Finals champions in their respective categories. Every year the RMC Grand Finals draws crowds at famous tracks at another exciting location.

Start of Rotax E20 in Bahrain 2021
The Rotax E20 E-Kart

In the pole position for carbon-neutral karting

E-racing events featuring the Rotax E20 e-kart are growing more popular every day. Who could honestly say no to a boost button, a brandnew racing experience, and an acceleration from 0 to 100 kmp in 3.5 seconds? Many RMC events now include E20 races in two categories, E20 Junior and E20 Senior, and a chance to win one of 36 RMC Grand Finals tickets. Not every E20 event offers a qualification opportunity for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals, but they do give racers a taste of the future of kart racing. Part and parcel of the E20 event package is the appealing arrive & drive treatment. Forget about transporting your kart, reparis or tuning, just bring your gear and helmet. With arrive & drive, you climb into your waiting E20 E-Kart and focus on racing.

Upcoming RMC Events

  • 01 Feb 2024 — 03 Sep 2024


  • 16 Jul 2024 — 20 Jul 2024


    Le Mans Karting International
    Le Mans, France

  • 18 Jul 2024 — 21 Jul 2024

    RMC Kangasala

    Lentola Green Karting Park
    Kangasala, Finland

  • 19 Jul 2024 — 20 Jul 2024

    SKP 2024 Bruck 3

    Bruck a.d.L., Austria

  • 19 Jul 2024 — 21 Jul 2024

    Canadian Open

  • 21 Jul 2024

    T4 Regional event

    Whiteriver Karting
    Collon, Ireland

  • 26 Jul 2024 — 27 Jul 2024

    Nordic Challenge #2

    Sporta komplekss 333
    Aravete Estonia, Latvia

  • 26 Jul 2024 — 28 Jul 2024


    AMZS Vransko
    Vransko, Slovenia

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