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E20 on track in Bahrain 21

E-Technology is gaining more and more importance in every area of mobility, and this includes racing as well. BRP-Rotax has established electric racing solutions, offering the perfect playground for our racers in terms of sustainability and beyond that the E20 and E10 convince through the ease of use, astounding acceleration and pure fun with the Boost function. 

Explore the e-racing solutions of Rotax

  • Rotax E20 racing in Bahrain
    Rotax Project E20

    Full electric speed for racing champs.

    Change your race and jump into the Rotax E20 Junior or Senior E-Kart which will swap your racing experience with unbeatable acceleration speeding you up from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,5 seconds, constant power during the complete race distance and a parity that is unparalleled.

  • E10 Showrun 3
    Rotax E10

    Boost your kid's talent

    The new Rotax E10 is perfect for kids (and their parents). No tinkering. Minimum wear and tear. The E10 can run on one or two batteries. This way, the E10 can „grow“ with your child, or racers of different ages can use the same kart: Just plug in or unplug the secondary battery, and off they go!

You want to try the Rotax E-Karts?

Rotax E20 image
the new racing

Jump in and have fun

The Rotax e-Karts open a complete new world of racing. Speed, power, and performance meet electrifying adrenaline-fueled fun in the Rotax E-Karts. These unique high-performance electric karts stand at the core of the Rotax E20 and the newly launched E10 for kids starting at the age of 6. The e-Kart technologies aim to give racers a taste of the possibilities of e-racing and the purest of driving experiences – racing that puts the driver and their skills front and center.

With the integration of the e-Kart as a full racing model, we take another step to meet the demands and expectations of the market. It becomes more and more difficult to open new tracks or even run existing tracks because of noise and pollution emissions. BRP-Rotax is ready for a new way of racing technology, and with our e-karting powertrains, we are offering a sustainable option available for everyone.
Peter Oelsinger

General Manager BRP-Rotax / Member of the Management Board, Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications

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Redefining racing with powerful E-features

  • PIC Racing is who we are High Res 062

    Optimize your driving with data

    The Rotax E-Karts enable a data-based coaching. It focuses solely on how best to hone your skills and raw talent and has the data insights to back it up. Traditionally spent on gears, fuel, and the engine, time in the pit now turns into a chance to look at the data. A chance to figure out how you, as the person in the driver's seat, can get the best out of the track and yourself.

  • Steering wheel E20

    Performance with a magic power boost

    Who hasn't dreamed of a magic power boost in a critical moment of a race? The Boost button of the Rotax e-Karts makes this dream come true. With incredible instant acceleration right there, at your fingertips, the boost adds a vital tool to your strategy toolbox. (And it's fun, too!)

  • E20 floodlight 1

    Discover the advantage of silence

    For many in the racing community, its distinct sound landscape is part of the kart racing experience. But for racers, noise can be a drawback. With e-technology, racers are discovering the benefits of low-noise racing – more focus on competing drivers and the strategic advantage of sounds – the changing wind on the visor, the sound of running over curbs, and the shifting sounds of the tires.

  • Day2 Project E20 waiting for their appearance

    No-fuss racing with Arrive & Drive

    The Rotax Arrive & Drive concept for the e-Karts provide the whole infrastructure – from tents to karts. Drivers come to the tent, get their equipment, and hit the track. Minimum Adjustments necessary, e-karts charge for an hour, and you're good for the next session. This translates into ingredients for a perfect race day – no-fuss maximum track time.

  • Rotax MAX Dome