Rotax MAX Dome

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Are you looking for great fun and exciting kart racing to enjoy with buddies, friends, or family? Meet the Rotax MAX Dome in Linz, Austria. This fun destination brings together first-class indoor e-karting, virtual reality attractions, a gaming area, a restaurant, and entertainment experiences for all ages.

  • Square meters


    The Rotax MAX Dome combines an indoor kart track, engaging gaming and entertainment experiences, and a restaurant in a generous space of 3,600 square meters.

  • Tunnel


    A 50-meter-long tunnel with virtual-reality effects and a state-of-the-art light and sound system is the adrenaline-charged highpoint of the MAX Dome's 400-meter two-level track.

  • Rotax Sonic E-Karts


    Based on racing e-karts with Rotax's iconic boost button, Rotax Sonic e-karts come in rookie and sports modes. They make for exhilarating low-noise racing free of gas or exhaust fumes.

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A short introduction

Race like never before

The Rotax MAX Dome's indoor 2-level track is 400 meters long. Up to eight meters wide, the track offers many exciting overtaking opportunities for more competitive drivers. The track's sensational highlight, however, is its 50-meter-long tunnel. Developed in collaboration with ARS Electronica Futurelab, the tunnel features exciting augmented-reality game modes. For example, by driving over light points in the track, karters can collect points and convert them into boosts for greater acceleration. The MAX Dome app lets drivers keep track of lap times driven, best times, podium places, personal records, and much more.

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    Engaging gaming and entertainment experiences for all ages

    Why not train your reflexes and optimize your driving off the track? In addition to high-adrenaline racing on the track, Rotax MAX Dome invites you to explore engaging virtual or augmented reality experiences – MAX SIM racing simulators, the VR Ski-Doo snow sled, the MAX GameRoom, or the brand new interactive Multiball wall.

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    Memorable experiences for corporate and business events

    Located in the heart of Linz, the Rotax MAX Dome is the perfect location for a company party, team-building exercise, customer event, or seminar. The Rotax MAX Dome combines engaging activities with a state-of-the-art seminar room with catering on request. Whether you master challenges out on the track, alone or as a team, or bond over an interactive VR experience, book the Rotax MAX Dome and make great memories together.

  • Rotax MAX Dome