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Racing with like-minded karting enthusiasts in an environment that is relaxed and fun. That’s Rotax Life, an event program for people passionate about karting. Rotax Life’s multi-brand events give hobby and club drivers an affordable racing experience with all the flair and ambiance of Rotax pro-races.

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Race and Match

Fun, fist bumps, and high fives

You love taking your kart out on the track and racing new people? Then, Rotax Life events are just the thing for you. They are opportunities to enjoy yourself, test your skills, spend time with friends, and meet and socialize with karters outside your club scene. Join us for a day packed with racing and entertainment and experience the welcoming spirit of the Rotax karting community in a pro-racing atmosphere.

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No matter if you want to have fun with your kart on a race track and join a Rotax Life event, want to experience racing with a Rotax Performance Rental on Arrive & Drive series or want to start a professional racing career in the Rotax MAX Challenge. Send us your request, your local distributor will get in touch with you shortly.

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Success Stories of our partners

  • Rotax Life at the Steelring, CZ

    The first Rotax Life event took place in 2021 at the CIK-FIA homologated karting circuit 'Steelring' in the Czech Republic. More than 70 drivers participated from different countries. Across all categories there were drivers ranging from 7 years to over 60 years old and enjoyed a casual get-together.

    We interviewed Martin Gregor about his experience during the event and the cooperation with BRP-Rotax.

Martin Gregor Steelring
Rotax branding brought more uniqueness to the event and attracted the professionals to the club or hobby drivers. The Rotax Life allows hobby drivers to learn from the professionals, but the professionals had to learn tolerance with the beginners and made the drivers a one big karting family.

Martin Gregor, CEO of Steel Ring circuit

What makes Rotax Life unique

  • Sharing the passion for racing

    Bringing the karting community together with regularly organized events, Rotax Life invites people to bring their karts, share their passion, and talk about tinkering and tuning in a setting that is both casual and competitive.

  • Come together, buckle in, and floor it

    The Rotax Life events are opportunities to celebrate the joy of racing and grow your skills. Rotax Life races meet the standards of professional competitive Rotax races. So, grab your kart and come meet the pack.

  • Connect and grow

    Racing karters from the wider karting community at Rotax Life events is a great way to challenge yourself and grow your driving skills. And gaining experience at Rotax Life races can pave the way to competing in Rotax MAX Challenge races.

  • Fun and support

    Rotax Life offers the perfect occasion to connect with kart enthusiasts of all ages, chat about your experiences, and benefit from the knowledge of others. All while enjoying a day packed with racing and entertainment.

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