E-Kart Race in Wackersdorf with Rotax E20

Rotax E20 on the race track Bahrain21

BRP-Rotax is glad to announce a new race, namely the E-Kart Race organized by the DMSW (Deutsche Motor Sport Wirtschaftsdienst) as part of the Ger-man Kart Championship (DKM) in Wackersdorf, Germany from September 23-25, 2022. Drivers aged 12 and over can take part in the event at Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf.

The E-Kart Race is a single race event, which is organised by the DMSW supported by BRP-Rotax at the Prokart Raceland in Wackersdorf and takes place during the last round of the DKM, the Ger-man Kart Championsip, from September 23-25, 2022. The sustainability event is dedicated to motor-sport fans aged 12 and over and they don’t even need extensive experience in a racing kart or on an outdoor kart track. The winners of each category will be awarded with a ticket to the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals 2022 in Portugal where they can compete with the best Rotax drivers from all over the world.

Up to 36 drivers can compete at the E-Kart race which is divided into 3 categories: Junior, Senior and Master (which is a Senior with higher weight) and the drivers will be awarded with tickets for the RMC Grand Finals E20 Junior and Senior categories.

With the E-Kart Race, we want to inspire a new community for karting and do not see ourselves as competitors to the conventional championships, but as a supplement. The European Union intends to only allow cars with e-drives from 2035. We cannot ignore this development in motorsport

Sandra Deckert, Managing Director of Deutsche Motor Sport Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH

The E-Kart Race is open to drivers from all areas: "Our goal is to get motorsport enthusiasts from other categories interested in e-karting. Drivers from kart slalom or indoor karting can easily compete against each other in the E-Kart Race," Deckert continues. Participants do not need a licence to take part in the E-Kart Race. After a coaching (licensing course) on Friday evening, everyone is authorized to take part in the mega-event.

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The ‘Arrive&Drive’ concept of the Rotax E20 E-Kart gives the racers the opportunity to focus only on their race and to enjoy the fun driving the E20 E-Kart with an unbeatable acceleration. And the boost button on the steering wheel makes the race even more interesting as the driver can include it in their race strategy.
Peter Oelsinger

General Manager BRP-Rotax / Member of the Management Board, Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications

With the Arrive & Drive concept of the Rotax E20 E-Karts, the drivers will be supported and coached by the dedicated Rotax Team on site and only need to bring their own race gear for the event. During the race breaks, the drivers just need to connect the charging plug, review the data and consider their strategy.

More information about the E-Kart Race and registration:

DMSW E-Kart Race

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