First Swedish E-Kart Championship at the Prince Carl Philip's Racing Trophy

Prince Carl Philip and Darrell Smith

In an exciting announcement for the future of Rotax E-Karting in Sweden, Prince Carl Philip’s Racing Trophy will organise the first Swedish E-Kart Champi-onship, including both the Rotax E20 Junior and Senior classes on the program from August 25-28 at the ‘Green Track Resort’ venue GTR Motorpark, in the season that the prominent national event will celebrate a very special 10th anniversary.

Following the successful introduction and welcomed opportunity for the local Rotax MAX Challenge competitors to test drive the E-Kart at the PCPRT last summer, the interest was overwhelming. Prince Carl Philip took the chance as well when he joined BRP-Rotax test and development driver Darrell Smith on the Eskilstuna track. The prince was instantly impressed with the amount of torque delivered by the E20, experiencing the extra speed of the ‘Boost’ function and amazing performance of the Rodtax E-Powertrain. When asked about his first impression of the E-Kart, the prince replied with a big smile, saying it was “Fantastic! I immediately had full power, that’s what electric vehicles are about.”

Thomas Johansson, promoter of the PCPRT, was instrumental in bringing the Rotax E20 into the race season highlight from his discussions with event founder Prince Carl Philip, having closely monitored the successful development of the E-kart over recent years and well aware of the significant role the

Rotax concept can contribute to the future of motorsport in Sweden. Working closely together with the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation to make this a reality, Johansson said “We are very happy and proud to have the trust [of the ASN] to be the first ever organiser of the Swedish E-Kart Champion-ship, where the title shall be awarded in both the Senior and Junior E-Kart categories at the PCPRT”, promising the event at GTR Motorpark is definitely going to be something exceptional in August.

Prince Carl Philip front and Darrell Smith on the track
It was fantastic! I immediately had full power, that’s what electric vehicles are about.
Prince Carl Philipp of Sweden

Anna Nordkvist, General Secretary of the Swedish Automobile Sports Federation added to this by saying, “We all know that auto racing enters a new era where fossil fuels eventually will be phased out and replaced with fossil free energy, and in certain categories by electricity. It is very positive that kart-ing now has an electric category with Swedish championship status and it´s a sign that karting and auto racing is on the right pathway to the future. To have the premiere together with Prince Carl Philip Racing Trophy is the obvious choice, that´s where the stars of the future can be found.”

At the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals in Bahrain last December, Sweden hit the headlines at the international showdown when former RMC Euro Trophy champion Hannes Morin finished on the po-dium as the Rotax E20 Vice Champion. He qualified for the Grand Finals after winning the new RMCET E-Kart series and is a huge fan of the switch to electric racing. The two Rotax E20 class champions at the PCPRT will be awarded their tickets to represent Team Sweden as well at the 2022 RMCGF in Portimao, Portugal in November.

This year sees the Junior class making its debut in the E20 for drivers turning 13-15 years of age, while the Senior grid for drivers aged 15 years+ makes it a combined total of 36 E-Karts. Both fields of 18 entries use the same model Sodikart Sigma [DD2] chassis with regulated power settings according to the Rotax regulations. The race format over the two-day event consists of practice and qualifying sessions, with the championship decided in four final heats whereby the three drivers with the most points complete the podium places. The Rotax E-Kart team will be in Sweden as part of the E20 Tour in 2022 to support the competitors and their technicians, ensuring that the ‘Arrive & Drive’ experience continues to be the best E-Karting has to offer today. This includes data analysis and set-up advice.

Peter Ölsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax, Member of the Management Board, VP Sales, Market-ing RPS Business & Communication, was also very excited by the announcement, “Being proactive and innovative is part of our DNA at BRP-Rotax, so we are absolutely thrilled to be on board as the perfect partner to help project Swedish karting forward with our new generation E-Technology. We al-ready know how cool the Rotax E20 is to drive and how incredibly close the competition was last year, so being part of Prince Carl Philip’s Racing Trophy will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated events on the 2022 race calendar.”

The location and state-of-the-art circuit complex sets the standard in Sweden for a more sustainable venue for racing, making the Rotax E20 the ideal option. John Heggblad from GTR Motorpark ex-plains “We are looking forward to welcoming the Swedish E-kart Championship to our facilities that we are building to accommodate the development phase motorsports are going through. The Swedish E-kart Championship and the Swedish Junior E-kart Championship fits very well into our environmental profile and our faith in the future.”

Initial registration is now open for notice of interest to compete in the Rotax E20 classes and priority given to these drivers. The official invitations will be sent once the regulations are finalised next month. Contact with your details to be on the list!

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