Double the Chance for RMCGF Tickets

The Rotax E20 E Kart on the race track

BRP-Rotax is pleased to announce that the Rotax Project E20 racers have now a double chance to win a ticket for the RMC Grand Finals in the E20 Junior or Senior category with the Rotax Scandinavian E-Kart Championship.

The Rotax Scandinavian E-Kart Championship is a combination of the Swedish E-Kart Championship (August 25-28, 2022 in Eskilstuna, Sweden) and the Danish E-Kart Championship (September 02-04, 2022 in Rødby, Denmark). Both races, Denmark and Sweden, are offering a Rotax Project E20 Junior and Senior category with the special ‘Arrive&Drive’ concept and in both categories the drivers are awarded a ticket to the RMC Grand Finals in Portugal in late November.

Drivers who are racing in the E-Kart categories in Denmark and Sweden automatically take part in the Scandinavian Championship which combines the results of both races and therefore the drivers have an additional chance for a ticket for the RMCGF 2022 in Portugal.

Double your chance to win a ticket to the annual Rotax karting highlight and register for both E-Kart races. More information and registration links are given on our website:

  • Rotax MAX Dome