RMC Senior MAX & DD2 | For gearbox- and non-gearbox-classes | CIK/FIA Homologation "Prime"



Recommended for use in
RMC Senior MAX or MAX DD2 or equivalent classes

CIK/FIA Homologation "Prime"


7.1 / 11.0 - 5


4.5 / 10.0 - 5

Recommended Pressures (Cold)

0,60 (± 0,05) bar

8,70 (± 0,73) psi

Max. Perm. Speed

180 km/h

D5 MOJO datasheets 01 2020
pdf 258.55 KB
D5 MOJO 050 TP 72 front
pdf 883.16 KB
D5 MOJO 050 TP 45 rear
pdf 831.14 KB

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