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The biggest monobrand kart racing series, the Rotax MAX Challenge, joined the biggest auto monobrand racing series, the Porsche Sports Cup, in Hockenheim from May 25-27, 2024.

The opening round of another leading one-make race series, the Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland, offered the ideal opportunity for a number of competitors to experience the Rotax E20 E-Kart for the first time at the Hockenheimring over the weekend. The series is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2024.

Six young series drivers from the PSC Talent Pool youth development program also lined up to test their skills through the challenging slalom course and had a lot of fun pushing the E-Kart to the limit.

PSC Talent Pool coach and well-known former Porsche factory racing driver Wolf Henzler could not resist the temptation to jump back into a kart – and loved it! With many seasons of experience as a professional driver, racing began for Wolf Henzler at the age of 14 years in a go-kart. Winning the highly competitive German Junior Kart Championship title, he went on to become a Porsche factory racing driver and Le Mans 24-Hour winner in his successful career. Following the test runs by his PSC Talent Pool drivers racing at the Hockenheimring event, Wolf was eager to jump in the E-Kart and try the new generation E20 for himself. “It has been a long time since I was driving a kart, but it was impressive. In general driving a kart, especially the E-Kart, the acceleration is crazy! When you go on the power, it leaves right away and that was the most impressive thing,” expressing his surprise at the instant acceleration delivered by the Rotax E-Powertrain. “It was nice to drive and a lot of fun!”

Luca Koester, 2022 RMC Grand Finals vice champion, now working with Porsche Technical Support, showed his skills in the E20 as well.

Wolf Henzler PSC Hockenheim
The acceleration is crazy! When you go on the power, it leaves right away and that was the most impressive thing.
Wolf Henzler

Porsche Sports Cup Deutschland Talent Pool Coach & former Porsche factory racing driver

Every driver who got behind the wheel of the E-Kart was excited at the chance; the majority having raced karts themselves before taking the next step in their motorsport career racing with Porsche. What impressed them most was the amazing performance of the E20, really unlike anything they had ever driven before: instant acceleration, exceptional driveability, incredible torque and power.

Our team met so many race fans and passionate race drivers who stopped by to learn more about Rotax Racing, check out the E20 E-Kart and E10 mini kart or just to say hi. It was a fantastic event and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone on track during the Porsche Sports Cup season again soon!

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