Rotax Racing Team Canada Driver at the RMC Grand Finals 2022

The Canada Final 2023 is on the horizon and the compe-tition for the title is going to be spectacular! The series takes place in Western Canada over two action-packed weekends at different locations and is also open to international drivers.

This year, along with winning the Canada Final 2023 title, the champions in each of the relevant RMCGF classes will be awarded Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets to Bahrain this December 2-9. In total, six RMCGF invitations are waiting to be won, so the leading drivers in Rotax Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, DD2 and DD2 Masters will be booking their place.

With a lot of growing interest in the championship, the driver line-up is going to include some of the top Canadian karters who have also been former national champions and members of Team Canada at the RMCGF in the past. In addition to the local talent on the grid, there is a strong list of US drivers travelling north with the intention of taking home the trophies and the tickets. The 2013 Rotax Senior MAX champion from the RMCGF in New Orleans, Oliver Hodgson, is on a mission to revisit the top step of the podium once again in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Add to this one of the most experienced Rotax DD2 Masters from the USA, Derek Wang. With around 80 entries registered for the opening event, it’s going to be exciting!

The first round will be hosted by Stratotech Racing Park in Edmonton, Alberta, from July 21-23, which was home to the 2006 ASN Canadian Nationals. The second round moves to one of the best tracks in the region on August 25-27, where the city is surrounded by mountains. Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack, British Columbia, is the ever-popular venue for the racers that offers another great circuit which is both fast and technical. The Canadian series will introduce a new race director this season, Rosario Verderame, and incorporate a new camera system for race control. Rotax Tech Support members will also be present to join the on-site organisation team at the Canada Final, all aiming to make this a truly fantastic event.

“We’re super excited coming into our sixth year organising the Rotax racing championship in Western Canada,” explains Blake Choquer, Max Karting Group, organiser and promoter of the Canada Final 2023. “It’s a two round championship this season with the first race in Edmonton, which is a really fast track. It’s just so nice to be going back there again. It has been a while since we were actually there during the late 2000’s for the Canadian Nationals. So this will be a new experience for everybody and that’s going to be pretty cool to see. The great thing is that we have a lot of support from America too; J3 Competition, Rotax partners from the USA, is going to be there together with a few of their team drivers. That’s excellent really and will add to the over-all calibre of the racing as well. Having Oliver Hodgson racing is going to be pretty cool for others to compete at the same event too. You can already feel the vibe and people are starting to get serious now! It’s an exciting opportunity for people in the west [of Canada] to be racing at this event and hoping to make it to the Grand Finals.”

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