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You want to buy a new Rotax MAX engine?
Save money on your next engine purchase with the Rotax Loyal Customer Program!

The Rotax Loyal Customer program is an exclusive initiative for Rotax MAX engines, where we want to reward customers who have remained loyal to the brand over the years. With the Loyal Customer Program, we are offering our loyal customers a chance to save money on their next kart engine purchase, while still enjoying the same level of performance and reliability that they have come to expect from the brand.

You are a loyal customer of Rotax kart engines? – Here’s some good news for you. If you registered an engine in 2022, you will be eligible for a discount of EUR 300 on your new engine purchase. This is a significant benefit that can help you save money and continue to enjoy the quality and reliability of the Rotax MAX engines.

To take advantage of this discount, all you need is to provide the proof of your previous Rotax MAX engine registration when you are going to buy a new engine of the Rotax MAX family. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will receive a EUR 300 discount on your new engine purchase. It’s that simpe.

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Infosheet Loyal Customer Program
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