Daily Report #1 | December 03, 2023

U6 R2269

Marhaba and welcome to the 23rd edition of the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (RMCGF). For the second time we are back at this wonderful and challenging track in the Kingdom of Bahrain to celebrate the Champions of the Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) Grand Finals. We invited the best drivers of the worldwide RMC championships and race events to compete for one week for the victory: the title of the Champion of the RMC Grand Finals 2023.

What a start of the biggest and most amazing race event in the world at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit (BIKC). The doors opened on Friday, December 01, 2023 for the first drivers, who were already waiting patiently in front of the Dome in the paddock, where the Sporting Checks took place which continued on Saturday. To register all 384 drivers.

It was an amazing feeling walking through the paddock, seeing all these happy and excited face who made it to the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is that shine in the eyes of the passionate talents when they first enter the RMCGF, their energy and dedication for this great sport which drives us to bring all our efforts to make it an unforgettable event.

On Saturday, during the Qualification of the MOJO Tyre Changing Contest, we found the eight finalists who will compete at the podium on Saturday, December 09, 2023 for the victory.

When the sun started to set on Saturday and all drivers left the event area, the Rotax Teams, the Chassis Partners and the Team of the BIKC, brought all the brand new karts on their trolleys to the start/finish line of the track to prepare the Kart Line-up.

Today the amazing and unique Kart Line-up waited silently in the morning to surprise the drivers and participants. It is one of the real highlights of the event: almost 400 brand news karts lined-up in order at the start/finish line which provide goosebumps to everyone. The teams took the time to take some pictures in front of the impressive Kart line-up before the raffle started for the drivers, who already were on the edge of their seats to pick-up their kart for this racing week.

As the sun sets over the Bahrain International Karting Circuit, the excitement continues into the evening with the Welcome Get-Together at the Formula1 paddock. Attendees will be treated to local specialities, fostering a sense of companionship and marking the beginning of a week-long celebration for the entire Rotax Family.

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Looking ahead, the anticipation grows as the first Non-Qualifying Practice sessions are set to start tomorrow. Alle eyes will be on the track as the talented drivers showcase their skills, promising a week filled with thrilling racing action.

Stay tuned for more updates and highlights as the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals unfold, promising an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

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