Rotax E10

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Many great motorsport champions started out racing karts. We believe electric racing classes have a great future. And that learning how to drive e-karts prepares kids for the future career.

The new Rotax E10 is perfect for kids (and their parents). No tinkering. Minimum wear and tear. It can run on one or two batteries. This way, the E10 can "grow" with the kids, or racers of different ages can use the same kart.

Maximum performance

80 km/h single battery | 100 km/h dual battery


constant performance output down to 20% status of charge (SOC)

Kart Weight

66 kg single battery | 76 kg dual battera


Motor with inverter, air cooled by natural airstream and internal fan (patent pending)


air cooled, optional: battery hood with electric fan (during charging process)

Control unit

Control panel with integrated MCU (motor control unit), with led indicators for battery status (SOC) and boost status

ROTAX E10 Tech Sheet 2022
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ROTAX E10 Flyer 2022
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